Participation terms and conditions


HolidayPirates: Participation terms and conditions


“Unwrap the App”


1. Competition and organisers


The promoter of this online competition “Unwrap the App” (hereinafter referred to as “competition”) is HolidayPirates GmbH, Wallstraße 59, 10179 Berlin, Germany (hereinafter referred to as “HolidayPirates”). The participation in the competition is governed exclusively by the following participation terms and conditions.


2. Participation


2.1 Eligible to participate are entrants who must be at least 18 years old. Excluded from participation are employees, and their family members, of HolidayPirates and its affiliate companies.


2.2 Participation in the competition is possible only within the period 5th December 2018 (10:00 CET) to the 26th December 2018 (23:59 CET). Participation in the competition is free of charge. Participation for the first part of the contest can happen from 5th of December (10:00 CET) until 9th December 2018 (23:59 local time). This time period is hereinafter referred to as ”part one”. The participation for the second part of the contest can happen from 10th December (00:00 local time) until 16th December (23:59 CET). This time period is hereinafter referred to as ”part two”. The participation for the third part of the contest can happen from 17th December (00:00 CET) until 26th December (23:59 CET). This time period is hereinafter referred to as ”part three”.


2.3 In order to participate you have to follow these steps for different scenarios:


  1. Download the HolidayPirates app, create a user account and create a travel alert with the title “3000” for part one, create a travel alert with the title “5000” for part two and create a travel alert with the title “10000” for part three




  1. If the users already downloaded the app, they have to create a user account and create a travel alert with the title “3000” for part one, create a travel alert with the title “5000” for part two and create a travel alert with the title “10000” for part three



  1. If the users have already downloaded the app and already have a user account, they have to log-in and create a travel alert with the title “3000” for part one, create a travel alert with the title “5000” for part two and create a travel alert with the title “10000” for part three


Participants can increase their chances to win by 10 additional entries. By submitting their email address (must be the same as their user account) on the contest landing page, they will get a personalised link. Each time they share their personalised link with a friend via the channels provided on the contest page and the friend clicks on one of the app download buttons for the devices Android or iOS, then their chances increase. The number of additional entries are independent for each part of the contest. The email provided will be solely used for counting the numbers of shares per unique link and won’t be used for any other marketing purposes


2.4 Only those who meet the conditions described in para. 2.3 can enter the competition.  HolidayPirates cannot be held liable for late and/or incomplete entries.


3. Execution and carrying out of the prize win


3.1 Only the prizes specified in detail below will be drawn:


In total £18,000 worth of trips will be raffled. There are in total 3 winners, one for each part of the contest. In part one the winner will get holidays worth £3,000,  In part two, holidays worth £5,000 in part three, holidays worth £10,000 (where applicable, the prize value will be converted to the local currency according to the exchange rate at time of booking). The value of the prizes can only be used for booking flights, hotels and transfers, any remaining value will be forfeited. The prizes mentioned above are available across all markets participating (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, France, Spain, Italy, USA and the Netherlands) in the competition. Money remaining from the original competition prize value after the trip arrangement (flights and accommodation) cannot be used by a third party not connected to the prize. Complex multi-city trips are not permitted. HolidayPirates, in its sole discretion, shall decide what constitutes a complex multi-city trip.


3.2 The 3 winners will be drawn at random within 1 business day after each part of the contest as described in paragraph 2.2.


3.3 After each part, the winner will be notified by an email sent to the email address used for creating the user account. If the type of the prize allows it, the prize will be delivered by post to the winner’s address indicated during registration.  Entries are considered solely for each part of the contest and not transferable from one part to the other. After each part a winner will be drawn and the entries received during the previous part(s) will not be accepted. To accept the prize the winner has to comment on [holidaypirates.com] or Facebook page. The winner must confirm, using the contact routes specified in the notification, the receipt of the notification as well as his name and address within 7 days from being notified of the prize by the competition promoter. Otherwise, the right to the prize ceases and will be allocated to another entrant. In this respect, the entrant is responsible for making sure that he take note of the notification of the prize from HolidayPirates via his email account. If the prize won is the participation in a trip, the trip details will be arranged in consultation with the winner.


3.4 The delivery of non-cash prizes is free of charge in Germany only. This applies to one delivery attempt. Otherwise, the winners will have to bear transport costs and other expenses (customs duties, taxes etc.).


3.5 The claim to the prize may not be assigned or transferred. The prizes cannot be paid out, supplemented or changed. If the prizes cannot be made available to the winners for whatever reason, HolidayPirates reserves the right to provide a substitute prize of an equivalent value.


3.6 The trips to be won in the draw will be arranged and executed by HolidayPirates. HolidayPirates is not liable for the trip arrangement and execution.


3.7 Facebook is in no way connected with the Competition and is not available for contact about the competition.


3.8 If the prize involves travel then you must start your travel from one of the participating countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, France, Spain, Italy, USA and The Netherlands


3.9 Winners are responsible for ensuring their passport, visa, and any other required travel documents are valid and up to date for any trip they arrange with HolidayPirates. If after arranging the trip with HolidayPirates the winners realise that their papers are not in order, HolidayPirates will not be liable to arrange another trip.


3.10 The prize(s) may be considered a taxable benefit to the winners. The winners will be solely and directly responsible for accounting for and paying to any relevant tax authority, any tax liability arising on their prize.


4. Exclusion from participation


4.1 HolidayPirates reserves the right to exclude entrants from the Competition if they violate these terms and conditions.


4.2 Moreover, HolidayPirates reserves the right to exclude from the Competition entrants who use prohibited tools or otherwise gain advantages through manipulation (in particular, collective or repeated entries if such are not expressly allowed by HolidayPirates). This is the case when, for example, automatic scripts, hacking tools, trojans or viruses are used or when an entrant gains an advantage through other prohibited means. Also providing false personal details and using fake profiles may result in the exclusion from the competition. As the case may be, prizes may be denied ex post and/or be claimed back.


5. Early cancellation or discontinuation of the Competition


HolidayPirates is entitled to discontinue the competition ahead of schedule, or suspend or modify the competition in the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond the organiser's control that render the carrying out of the competition according to original plans difficult or unreasonable for HolidayPirates.  This includes in particular, but without limitation, unauthorised intervention of third parties, technical problems with hard- or software that are beyond the organiser's control as well as violations of law which are directly connected with the carrying out of the competition, including, in particular, tampering with the competition process.


6. Transfer of rights


The participant transfers to HolidayPirates for non-exclusive use for its business purposes all usage rights, ancillary copyrights and other rights already created or to be created by, or acquired or to be acquired from the entrant to photographs and/or photographic works that are provided to HolidayPirates as part of his participation in a competition. The rights are transferred to HolidayPirates without limitations in terms of content, time and geography.


7. Processing of data in connection with the Competition


Details of the data processed in the context of the competition and the rights existing in this respect in favour of the participant can be found in our data protection policy, which can be viewed here.


8. Final provisions


By participating in the competition the user waives his/her rights to any legal action relating to the competition or prize claimed.

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